ZipGun Theme

Early version screenshot of the ZipGun WordPress Theme (Framework).

Live Preview | Documentation

The ZipGun Theme is a somewhat radical departure from my two earlier themes, Magomra and BitLumen. While this theme is a fully functional stand-alone theme with a significant (though minimalist) amount of CSS styling, it is primarily designed as a theme framework.

I’ve written enough WordPress code now that it’s starting to get difficult to keep all my functions organized. So I figured that is as good a reason as any to start developing a framework. I think most of my code would be useful to a lot of people, and at the very least it will help me keep everything organized.

Because I am developing it as a working theme, I haven’t really gone to great pains to separate the framework functions from the dependent theme functions in terms of organization. While this distinction should be clear to most developers, I will eventually distinguish the two more clearly; but in the development stage, it would be too confusing for me to have 2 places for each genre of function and I would tear my hair out.


You can see a live demo of the theme at, and I will probably make the source available via a local SVN repository or on Github once it’s closer to release-worthiness.


See the Documentation for a full list.

  • Responsive design and flexible content width down to 300px.
  • Advanced drop down navigation menus.
  • Breadcrumbs by main category and parent/child pages.
  • Extensive microformat and microdata implementation in HTML5.
  • Extensive layout and data control from the theme options page.
  • Integrated syntax highlighting

Theme Options

  • Add “Theme Options” link to Admin Bar.
  • Custom search form and enabled “blank” searches.
  • Change default post_types returned in searches.

Custom Filters

  • the_sidebar – entire sidebar content
  • the_widget – entire content of individual widgets
  • widget_content – widget content (excluding title tag)

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