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You can change 2 elements of the theme’s width right from the Theme Options page, these are: “Content Width” (the width of the main article, not including the sidebar) and “Sidebar Width” (the width of the left or right floating widget area). All measurements are in pixels, so you only need to type the desired numerical width in the text boxes.

The entire page width is equal to the combined widths of the Content + the Sidebar + the spacing between them. By default, these measure 762 pixels, 252 pixels, and 30 pixels, respectively, for a total default theme width of 1044 pixels.

To set these widths to your own custom values, first open the Theme Options page. This item is under the Admin Bar when on the public site (if enabled) and is always available on the dashboard under the Appearance tab, or at It should look like the screenshot below:

Set the width of the Magomra Theme

Location of the width settings on the Theme Options page.

Then enter the number of pixels you would like your new theme widths to be and click the “Save All Changes” button at the bottom of the page. Take a look at your pages and determine if the widths need further adjusting!

3 Thoughts on “Change the Theme Width

  1. Hello,
    1st – I can’t change to default dark blue color on the title in the Header. The color shows in the “Header” section but with proper update/save it still doesn’t change.

    2nd – I’m trying to change the width of the sidebar so I can get two 125×125 pixel ads to display along side of each other. The Widget detects it’s two narrow and puts them in a row. I tried a different widget and it too won’t put next to each other.

    Since both of these issues are not allowing the changes, is there a safety of some sort that is stopping the changes.

  2. Hi Luke, I really liked your theme, and would like to use it, but I´d like to change some colors, head banner height and othe few layout details. What archives should I access to do that? The style.css is enought or should I edit any other? Thank you very much!

  3. I think this theme is pretty great — but I am having a few similar problems as the other posters (I have just yet to find a solution that has worked.) — This may be wordy, but I am only trying to give you as much information as you may need to help.

    • It views fine on a MacBook in SAFARI… however SAFARI and CHROME on both iPhone, and iPad display the CATEGORY menu extends beyond the edge of the main container of the site.

    • Sidenote — I moved the menu bar (lack of better word) from the top of the screen to beneath the header. This move was successful — however, I would like to change the color of it.

    • Problem — Rather than white text on a black background, I would like it to either match my site background color – or (first choice) would be for it to be WHITE with the text to match my link colors.

    I am not a complete novice with CSS and HTML, but I have been unable to find the text within the code arrangement for this theme in order to change this myself.

    The other problem I am having is in dealing with the CATEGORY drop menu width. I feel this MIGHT be fixable with removing the numbers (post numbers) — but I am unsure. It could be that, or it could just be the column width.

    ** I have adjusted (or attempted to adjust) the column widths, and the Categories Drop menu bar is still hanging out beyond the width of the page container.

    Help on this would be appreciated

    the page can be seen here: (it may change in appearance between NOW and the time you view it, as I am currently trying to work out the issue on my own.

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