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Magomra Theme

Screenshot of the Magomra ThemeI recently ventured into WordPress themes. Currently we only have 1 approved in the WordPress theme repository, the Magomra theme. I created this theme completely from scratch, mostly as a learning exercise. Since I am primarily a plugin developer, this theme naturally developed to place more focus on functionality, kind of like a super plugin. I will keep Magomra up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and it will remain supported for it’s lifetime, but I’ve shifted to a couple new theme projects rather than continuing to build on Magomra. But I suspect it will always be my favorite.

Latest Official Version | Theme Homepage | Development Version

BitLumen Theme

Screenshot from the bitLumen theme

BitLumen borrows a significant amount of code from my first theme, but it also benefits greatly from the knowledge I gained (and the mistakes I made) while developing Magomra. I have not yet submitted a final version of BitLumen to the WordPress Theme Test unit, but we will be entering that stage shortly. You can always download development versions of this and all our other themes, plugins and various projects from the Shinra SVN Repository. But only official releases will be receive technical support. While bug notices are always welcome, the development versions change so rapidly that it would be impossible to provide user support for all of them. We hope this theme will prove to be even more popular than Magomra.

Latest Official Version | Theme Homepage | Development Version

Bitacre Theme Library

While I tend to “start fresh” with new themes periodically, I am always adding to my library of useful custom functions and classes that can be easily dropped into new or existing themes (and plugins). By investing the time up front to catalog and unify this code, it becomes easier and easier to develop powerful themes without having to reinvent the wheel. These libraries are publicly available from the local Repository under the GNU GPLv3 license. This means you are free to include them in any of your themes or plugins.

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