We strive to offer a high level of quality and service for the lowest possible prices. Web design and coding is technically complicated, but not necessarily difficult or time consuming. Many developers wildly overcharge for their services because their clients aren’t familiar with the subject matter. By basing our prices on the actual amount of work required and not just the “going rate,” we can usually provide the same (or better) quality at significantly lower prices.


We prefer to price our services based on an upfront quote rather than on a per hour basis. This ensures you don’t pay more than you were expecting to, even if a project takes more work than we thought it would. We provide free, no obligation quotes and never change a higher amount for complications that we failed to anticipate.

WordPress Plugins

Plugin prices vary a lot depending on how much work we will have to do to complete your project. Simple plugins can be as low as $100 and even very complex plugins are rarely more than $1,000.

WordPress Themes

Every theme we provide is unique and created from scratch. Typical custom themes are usually around $250, but can be more if you require advanced functionality or a large amount of graphic design.

Support and Hosting

We can register a domain name for you and take care of all of the technical requirements of hosting your WordPress site for only $200 per YEAR. All sites are hosted on our dedicated server to ensure maximum speed and uptime. We can also provide technical support for a public plugin or administer your WordPress setup for a small monthly fee.

SEO Services

We provide strictly white hat SEO services and all of our themes are already optimized for search. We offer two SEO packages:

One Time Optimizations

We offer a bundle of SEO and social media options for a single, one time payment. The final price depends on the number of pages that require optimization, but the full package is typically less than $500 for most sites.

Ongoing Optimization

If you want a more proactive approach to attracting search engine traffic, we offer an ongoing program focusing on building quality linkbacks and deploying keyword targeted landing pages. This package is billed monthly at either an agreed flat rate OR on a per-performance basis. Our flat rate is generally less expensive, but we understand if you would rather only pay for results.

Other Services

These are only our most popular services, but we can provide pretty much any web development service you might require. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any project and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen for you.