Super Simple Google Analytics – Deluxe Version

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Get access to more advanced Analytics features!

The “Deluxe” version of the Super Simple Google Analytics plugin contains additional features which some more experienced users may find helpful. You can gain access to this enhanced version of the plugin (as well as all future deluxe updates for the life of the plugin) for only $5!


In addition to all of the features contained in the default version of the Super Simple Google Analytics plugin, the deluxe version has several extra features, including:

  1. Exclude individual posts and pages from tracking

    Track specific posts and pages with the Super Simple Google Analytics - Deluxe version.

    Checking this box on the editor will prevent the Google Analytics tracking code from being inserted for that specific post or page.

Need a Custom Build?

Have a specific feature in mind? Let us know and we can custom build it into your custom deluxe version at a very reasonable price!


You can obtain the full deluxe version for $5 flat! This includes free updates for the life of the plugin. You can purchase your copy through Paypal right now! Make sure to provide a current email address. We will email you a zip file containing the latest Deluxe version and will distribute any future releases to this email address (contact us if you need to arrange an alternate payment method or to change your preferred email address).

One Thought on “Super Simple Google Analytics – Deluxe Version

  1. Your Super Simple Google Analytics plug-in is great. Much thanks.
    Do you have a solution that supports Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics?
    Here are the instructions from Google:

    Much thanks,

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