Super Simple Contact Form – Captcha Version

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Prevent spam using Captcha human verification!

This plugin IS available with a Captcha human verification test to prevent the sending of automated spam emails. The only additional required configuration is to input your Public and Private Captcha keys into the plugin’s settings page once, after that you can enjoy say goodbye to spammers hammering your inbox.

Easy configuration options for the Super Simple Contact Form - reCaptcha Version

Still Super Simple, even with a Captcha

Only 2, very straight forward options to configure: Public Key and Private Key, both freely available from reCaptcha.

We are making the Captcha version available for only $5. This also include free lifetime updates to the latest versions of the plugin. Make sure you include a current email address when you order! This will ensure we are able to distribute updates to you as they become available.

Integrated reCaptcha in Super Simple Contact Form

Even with a Captcha, it’s still “Super Simple,” you simply type [contact] to conjure a fully functional reCaptcha human verification form. Paste your keys once and then you’ll never have to configure anything ever again!

Get a reCaptcha key pair

You will need a to obtain a public/private key pair from the reCaptcha service in order to use this plugin. Google makes reCaptcha keys available at no cost for most individuals.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this plugin or the ordering process! Please use this Paypal page to make your purchase and double check that your listed email is current!

One Thought on “Super Simple Contact Form – Captcha Version

  1. Perfect contact us form. I really like its ability to work because its simple and have captcha tool means prevent to spamming as much possible.

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