About Us


Shinra Web Holdings is a digital content holding and development company, specializing in monetizing high-relevance content, with a secondary focus on the development and licensing of web publishing software.

With a primary objective of content proliferation, we strive to maintain strict quality standards through a forward-thinking, long term strategy. By building a portfolio of future-proofed, unique, protectable, value-added content which is also conducive to contextual ad integration; we aim to create a diversified, stable, and narrowly targeted audience base.

While the majority of our revenue comes from the traditional text-centric content formats; streaming video, mobile applications, and user generated content are among our fastest growing ad platforms. In addition, our media-agnostic approach to content management optimally positions us to respond to trends in delivery format prevalence over time.

Our secondary focus is the development of content management software that maximizes reach and impact. By adhering to responsive design principles, we minimize lost opportunities and ensure that the experience of a visitor does not suffer regardless of their connection speed or screen size. We also offer a full range of coding, design, hosting, and support services uniquely tailored to individual client needs.