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The WordPress CMS is a well supported, user friendly and highly extensible platform for managing your online content. We provide a full range of WordPress services, from individual plugin development to creating and hosting complete websites.

Our primary focus is on custom WordPress plugin development, but we also offer programaticly oriented themes and even core modifications if necessary. We develop all of our WordPress plugins and themes from scratch to ensure stability and uniqueness.

If you would like to view a sample of our work, many of our WordPress themes and plugins are freely available from the official WordPress.org repositories under the GPLv3 license.


WordPress is an amazingly adaptable base suitable for almost every kind of website, and the plugin API allows you to add powerful and specific functionality. We specialize in developing custom WordPress plugins from scratch. We create both “private” plugins and “public” WordPress plugins.

Cost varies a lot depending on what, and how many things, you need the plugin to do. However, our prices can be as low as $100 for easy projects and are almost always less than $1,000.

Private Plugins

“Private” plugins are intended for use by a specific entity. We can tailor these plugins to the particular needs of a single website or network of websites. This allows you to offer unique services to your users or modify how your organization internally creates and manages its content.

Public Plugins

“Public” plugins are intended for use by the greater WordPress community. They typically provide a functionality that is helpful to a wider range of WordPress publishers. We can make your idea for improving WordPress a reality.

We currently have [children page=”plugins”]+ plugins hosted in the official WordPress.org plugin repository. You can view a complete list of our freely available plugins on the plugins page.


WordPress uses themes to change how your content is displayed to users. Since our focus is primarily on plugin development, we tend to approach theme design from a very programmatic standpoint. We believe that utilizing responsive design principles delivers the best experience to the end user and offers the highest degree of control and fidelity to publishers.

We author our own themes from scratch to ensure flawless functionality and total uniqueness. You can view a complete list of our freely available themes on the themes page. Our totally unique, custom tailored themes start at just $250.

Support Services

We guarantee that all of our plugins and themes will work for the purposes and systems they were designed for. We will fix any programming bugs free of charge, for the life of the project.

We also offer the option of handling your user support services for any public plugins or themes we create for you. Fees depend on the complexity and volume of user support required, but are typically very low.

Complete Hosting

If you want your own WordPress site on your own domain name, but don’t want to deal with the technical side of hosting hosting and registration, we will gladly take care of everything. Our basic hosting plan includes a full WordPress installation hosted on our dedicated server and a .com name of your choice for only $200 per YEAR.


We strive to keep our services as affordable as humanly possible, and rely on donations alone to cover the costs associated with our GPL projects. We provide free, no obligation price quotes (not estimates) up front. We never charge more than our quotes unless you decide to enlarge the scope of the project. We calculate offers based on how many hours development should take, not how many it actually does. Please see our pricing page for more information.

A Note on Licensing

We are very flexible concerning non-disclosure agreements, copyright ownership, and other intellectual property issues. We can deliver projects under any license you specify. However, please be aware that WordPress.org will only host plugins and themes made available under the GPLv2 or GPLv3 (or compatible) licenses.

Contact us!

You can contact us online or by email at [email protected] for a free, no obligation price quote, or with any questions you might have about our services.