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Plugin URI: http://shinraholdings.com/plugins/nofollow Contributors: bitacre, keesromkes
Donate link: http://shinraholdings.com/donate
Tags: nofollow, link, links, meta, insert, rel nofollow, seo, checkbox, popup, shortcode, blogroll
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 4.5
Stable tag: 1.4.5

Adds a checkbox in the insert link popup box for including rel="nofollow" in links as you create them; as well as other tools that provides complete control over the rel="nofollow" tag on your blogroll links and comments.


This plugin contains several tools in one package to significantly increase your control of the rel="nofollow" tag on every link on your blog, on both an individual and categorical basis. It is designed to give you fine-grained control of linking for SEO purposes.

The plugin's main features are:

  • The addition of a nofollow checkbox when inserting links in posts
  • Several nofollow shortcodes
  • A nofollow option for individual blogroll links
  • Or a nofollow for all blogroll links option
  • Add or remove the nofollow tag from all links in comments


  1. Download the latest zip file and extract the nofollow directory.
  2. Upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate Ultimate Nofollow on the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I nofollow links I insert in my posts or pages?

Just check the add rel="nofollow" to link option direction under the default open link in a new window/tab option.

How do I use the shortcode?

You can use any of these shortcodes to insert a nofollowed link [relnofollow], [nofollow], [nofol], [nofo], or [nf] using the following format:

[nf href="http://link-url.com"]Link Text[/nf]

You can also include the optional attributes title and target. A full example would look like:

[nf href="http://link-url.com" title="Link Title" target="_blank"]Link Text[/nf]


Ultimate Nofollow Screenshot 1
Nofollow option on the insert/edit link popup for posts and pages.

Ultimate Nofollow Screenshot 2
Settings page on the Dashboard.

Ultimate Nofollow Screenshot 3
Nofollow checkbox on the add/edit blogroll link page.




  • Purely cosmetic WordPress 4.4 update


  • Fixes compatibility issue with Wordpress 4.2
  • Thanks to Zoe Corkhill for the fix


  • Fixes compatability issue with WordPress 3.9


  • Removed forgotten var_dump() left from debugging process


  • Official release
  • Added nofollow checkbox to individual post links

  • Updates to documentation.


  • Stable beta version.
  • Nofollow checkbox added to the add/edit blogroll links dialogue.
  • Adds option to nofollow all blogroll links.


  • Stable beta version.
  • Add/remove nofollow from all links in comments.


  • Stable beta version.
  • Adds full nofollow shortcodes.
  • Adds options page.


  • First released beta version.
  • Stable, but not all functions active yet.

Upgrade Notice


Fixes checkbox bug introducef in WP 4.5.


Purely cosmetic WordPress 4.4 update. Happy New Year.


Required update if using WordPress 4.2 or above.


Required update if using WordPress 3.9 or above.


Strongly recommended upgrade, version 1.4 is dumping a NULL variable onto public facing pages.


Strongly recommended upgrade, significant improvement in usefulness.

Updated documentation.

Readme Generator


Donations are graciously accepted to support the continued development and maintenance of this and other plugins. We currently accept Paypal and kind words.

25 Thoughts on “Ultimate Nofollow

  1. I have installed this to try to cut down on the flood of spam comments I am getting. But how do I allow do follow on a specific comment from a trusted source? Do I delete the nofollow from the code? How do I do this, so I can have the “complete control over the rel=nofollow tag on an individual link basis”?

  2. In your above “Frequently Asked Questions – How do I use the shortcode”, your reply is “See the manpages.” What does that mean? What are “manpages.” Please tell me how to use the short code.

    • bitacre on October 25, 2012 at 5:32 pm said:

      You’re right, that’s not very helpful lol. I will update that section with the actual information, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      Here is the information I’ve included in the latest version’s documentation:

      How do I use the shortcode?

      You can use any of these shortcodes to insert a nofollowed link [relnofollow], [nofollow], [nofol], [nofo], or [nf] using the following format:

      [nf href="http://link-url.com"]Link Text[/nf]

      You can also include the optional attributes title and target. A full example would look like:

      [nf href="http://link-url.com" title="Link Title" target="_blank"]Link Text[/nf]

  3. I just updated your plugin this morning, and it broke the site.

    When trying to safe a draft of a new post, or update an existing post, the page returned reads “NULL” and the rest of the page is blank. Hitting the browser’s back button takes me back to the post editor. Have tried this with both Firefox and Chrome with the same results.

    I could not deactivate the plugin on the plugins screen, and had to rename it with Filezilla to deactivate.

    Any suggestions? I am using WP 3.5


    • bitacre on January 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm said:

      So sorry about this, I left a var_dump() function I was using to debug a variable in there by accident. I’ve already pushed version 1.4.1 to fix this.

  4. Hello bitacre,
    everytime I make a link nofollow with your plugin then the background of the link becomes grey. But if I make nofollow manyually then it won’t (unless you use a script that highlights nofollow links). I don’t want my nofollow links to be highlighted by defeault. Is there a way to turn this off in your plugin? If so where? If not I have to keep making the links nofollow manually.

  5. Kelli on March 16, 2013 at 8:08 am said:

    I installed your Plugin and now my links won’t “open link in new window”, even when I check that box.

    I deactivated and then the links do open in a new window.

    Any ideas?

  6. Hi, I used your plug-in on one of my sites and I wanted to ask:

    Are my “no follow” links supposed to have the rel_no follow code somewhere in the link, or is it hidden. Because I can’t see any no follow code in my links..Is it hidden or something? Or just not working for me?

  7. Hi, it is now working. Works well, thank you.

  8. This plugin is great!

    The only thing I miss is a nofollow option under the URL-field when adding an image into a post.

  9. Xavier on April 26, 2013 at 5:21 am said:

    Hi I am having some issues modifying existing links. I am basically adding the “nofollow” to some of my links in my blog posts.

    I am having weird behaviour, when having multiple links next to each other in the Visual Mode. Of course looking in the HTML Mode solves any doubts but I found out that I cannot trust what the plugin shows in Visual Mode. Even if both checkboxes are checked, the link is not “nofollow” nor “target=_blank”, or viceversa.

  10. HI there. I am wondering if this works to put no follows in links that readers leave in comments. If so, how do you do it? Thanks.

  11. Hello, After installing your plugin I have been manually ticking the box and adding the nofollow to links on my recent posts which I think should have this. When I click update, the link still looks the same should it now show the address plus the word nofollow?

  12. Oops, nevermind, apparently it did update.

    So, can I then follow-up with: what’s the difference between Ultimate NoFollow and Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool II?


  13. Second question!! In two parts! 🙂

    So, a) I can’t see where to check the box indicated in this step:
    Just check the add rel=”nofollow” to link option direction under the default open link in a new window/tab option.

    And b) whenever I get that part to work, is there a way that this plugin will make any uploaded content (for example, PDFs) that have keywords that I’m trying to hide (example, a client name) also unsearchable by Googs and other search engines?


  14. Did you guys do something to the plugin last night (5/1/14)? It suddenly stopped working and wouldn’t let me add links to my site using the link button until I deactivated it.

  15. As of the recent WP updates, this is broken. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s breaking things. The add links dialogue no longer works at all with this installed. I can open the dialog, can type in or select links, and select or deselect the checkbox, but then the “add link” button just acts dead (as does the “cancel” button – it’s necessary to “X” out of the window.)

    Bummer, because I’ve been using this for a while. It did exactly what I needed – added a checkbox to that dialogue for nofollow – without adding a bunch of junk to my site to bog it down.

  16. Insert links broken again with 1.4.2 Everything was fine yesterday, this morning I cannot insert links unless I deactivate the plugin.

  17. with wordpress version 4.4, the plug-in is causing problems with the visual editor (causing the link text function not to work). Will you be correcting this?

  18. hi, i get the following error in WP 4.4 debug.log

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: nofollow_blogroll in ../wp-content/plugins/nofollow/nofollow.php on line 230

    can you please check the Plugin Version 1.4.4 about this issue?

    thanks 🙂

  19. labdav on January 15, 2016 at 5:21 am said:

    Hello bitacre
    I’ve added few lines in your plugin to point out nofollow links respect to normal (dofollow) links.
    If you find it useful, include it in you next release.

    Added in nofollow.php file:

    function ultnofo_style_nofollow() {
    add_editor_style( plugins_url( ‘ultnofo-style.css’, FILE) );
    add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘ultnofo_style_nofollow’);

    Added a ultnofo-style.css file in /plugins/nofollow/ folder with this content (or anything else you need):

    a[rel~=”nofollow”] {background-color:#EEE}

  20. Hi there, when I try and link I see two no follow tic boxes and no search field below where I can search for links to link to existing content in my own site. But when I am in my Easy Recipe Plugin and try and link I see it normal with one no follow tic box and the search box below.

  21. The state of the ‘Add rel=”nofollow” to link’ button seems to carry over the last state overtime you move to edit links. This is very confusing and leads to errors as sometimes you may have to check it and sometimes uncheck it. Is it a bug or is it supposed to be that way?


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